Increased Volume = Easier Paddling


Increased Volume = Easier Paddling

9'094 Litres
8'190 Litres
7'1180 Litres
6'860 Litres

Designed & Built for the Rigorous Surf Schools’ Environment


Waverats School Softboards have been designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use in the Surf School environment.

We are very aware of the sometimes extreme conditions that these School boards need to endure.


Softboards of choice for our business.

Offering the best experience to our surfers and guests at Australian Surf Tours is of paramount importance to us as a business. The surfboards we use must be durable; performance orientated and easy to stand up on. Waverats Softboards covers all of this for us!

Sam Hatcher

Owner, Australian Surf Tours

LOVE these surfboards!

With over 10 years of teaching we have used practically every softie available. We have and continue to try all types of softies on the market, from the pro surfer name models and right down to the most budget. Time an time again we find ourselves ordering, using and recommending Waverats as out most preferred. 

Josh & Belen Fuller

Surf Coaches, In2Surf Surf School

Best Softboards in Oz

We have always dealt directly with the owners of Waverats Softboards to tweak the designs and ensure we received a surfboard that performed as it needed to.

They have created a range of softboards that surpass everything else on the market in our opinion!

Evan Price

Owner, Sydney Surf School

Elite Surf School Softboard Specifications

The overall design of the School boards involves ensuring that the internal structure of the board has increased strength, while ensuring that external surfaces are of safe Soft materials
This is achieved by combining a CNC machined EPS Core with a sequential Epoxy lamination process with varying hi-strength materials to achieve an optimum strength to weight ratio, we do not use timber stringers in this construction, during the manufacturing process we have found that our alternative system provides a much stronger durable core.

Our experience over the years has resulted in us using various Deck and Bottom Slick materials. We keep coming back to Soft PE Deck material for safety and health reason.
We experimented with textured EVA materials, although being more durable they created rash issues because of the abrasive rather of the EVA polymer, and are less forgiving on impact.
Because the boards have soft non-abrasive surfaces, risk of injury is minimised.

An embedded leash plug sealed into the tail of the deck is more secure and does not open the EPS core to any water issues.

Finally we mold our Soft fins from premium grade polymers that comply with the safety requirements and are recyclable.

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