Waverats Set-Up Program


As a beginner to surfing, before tackling big waves, you will need to be able to master a few skills to survive in the ocean.

It’s best to go to an authorized Learn to Surf School to receive the basic water safety and survival training so that you are prepared to be able to deal with the ocean in a safe and responsible manner.

Most Learn to Surf Schools have a range of School SoftBoards that you can use during the initial lessons as they take you through the basics of catching and riding a wave.

When you are capable of actually catching a wave by PADDLING yourself (not being pushed off by the instructor) and comfortably competent to get to your feet quickly, you can consider buying Your Own SOFTIE so that you can independently practice at your local beach break at a time that suits you and your friends.

Just remember that you are going to trash this SOFTIE as you progress through the learning process. So a second-hand used SOFTIE is your aim, not too dinged, but with a VOLUME that is approximately equivalent to your body weight, this will make it easier to PADDLE AND CATCH WAVES  – this is your FIRST TARGET .

This will improve your self confidence in your relationship with Mother Ocean.


TARGET TWO with your SOFTIE is to develop a POP-UP STANDING technique so that you can get to a stable standing position and be comfortable with your BALANCE control.

TARGET THREE is to learn a TURNING technique to enable you to take control of the board and move sideways along the wave as it sends you to the beach.

Keep in mind that a SOFTIE will reduce the risk of injury if you are accidentally hit by the board – which will happen.

After you have mastered these techniques you will be wanting a SHORTER LOWER VOLUME BOARD with HARD fins that will increase your ability to control the performance of the board

Waverats has a STEP-UP SOFTIE PROGRAM where you can purchased a pre-loved  SOFTIE and trade up to a PERFORMANCE STEP-UP SOFTBOARD when you are ready at a guaranteed price.

We can customize your first SOFTIE at an economical price to match your size and ability so that you can progress to the PERFORMANCE STEP-UP SOFTBOARD when you are ready, at the pre-arranged guaranteed price.

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